Aside from his training in the arts, Nick is a professionally licensed New York City tour guide, offering immersive tours laden with captivating tales, unique insights, and little-known facts about the city featured on bikes, buses, water, and his own two feet. He is contracted by a variety of companies, among them:

•Get Up & Ride Bike Tours

•The Levys' Unique New York!


•Ray's Food & Walking Tours

Nick also does a variety of his own personally designed tours, some of which he has done for these enterprises, while others on an ad-hoc basis. They include:

The Mechanism: A Tour of How the City Works: Learn about the trains that rumble beneath your feet, the way that streets are laid out, the effort that goes into making a park look "natural", and where food comes from–and where it goes. 
3-5 Hours/Start Locations: City Hall (Manhattan); Union Square (Manhattan); Grand Central (Manhattan); Bedford Ave & N 7th St (Brooklyn); Borough Hall (Brooklyn)

Etymology: A Tour of Urban Language: The tour adventure that breaks down phrases to mush and lets you gnaw on your words. On it you will learn about how New York's streets are named, how different languages and dialects contribute to the city's landscape, and the colloquialisms that New York made famous.
2-3 Hours

Relics: A Tour of the Useless: Every wonder about the staircase to nowhere? The door with the "DO NOT ENTER" sign that remains unlocked? What about those rails that carry no trains? This tour talks about those parts of the urban environment that appear to be "useless" though remain intact, and in some cases, maintained. The work and methodology behind this is heavily influenced by the Japanese artist, Akasegawa Genpei, pioneer of the concept "Thomassons."

•Green Lungs: A Tour of Brooklyn's Parkways

Nick is also open to the idea of specific tour pitches: you name the content, area of NYC (or other city) you are interested in, and at least three dates, and Nick will mark up a basic itinerary and price quote within 48 hours. There is no concept, mode of adventure, or means of storytelling that is foreign to Nick. Ask away!*

*Please provide a minimum of one week's notice before anticipated tour start date.