Dériveº is an ongoing collaborative art project, combining elements of mapping, illustration, interviewing, and storytelling. The maps are drawn during conversations held with various people as each interviewee tells their personal life stories, which are guided by improvised questions.

The first edition of Dériveº, known as "ไปไหนมา" (Thai: "Where Have You Been?"), appeared at Chiang Mai's Jai Thep Festival ("เทศกาลใจเทพ") and has continued elsewhere in various venues, rooftops, street corners, and other public/private places.

Hand-drawn with ink; superimposed on digital design; A3-sized mulberry paper.

Dériveº I: Where Have You Been? is comprised of 25 maps, 12 of which are featured below. Made in Thailand, 2016.

dəˈrīv/ [n., le français]: A form of playful exploration unlike any other: a journey without a destination, the basic point of which is to allow oneself to let go and respond naturally to whatever their surroundings provide. Developed by Guy Debord, a pioneer figure in the Letterist International movement in France in the 1960s.